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AtlasEdge has developed a suite of industry leading products and services to meet both present and future customer requirements.

We deliver high quality and secure colocation and interconnection services to ensure that AtlasEdge is always able to meet your business needs. We also work with selected specialised partners for the provision of services such as Cloud and Internet Exchange Access.

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AtlasEdge has developed an industry leading suite of colocation services designed to meet the most stringent of customer requirements. AtlasEdge is focussed on understanding its customers and can deliver customised colocation services as well as a standard set of services. AtlasEdge standard colocation services include:-

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  • Single rack deployments
  • Customer Cage
  • Private Rooms

AtlasEdge provides a wide selection of power delivery solutions including both metered and unmetered options.


AtlasEdge uses state of the art cooling solutions to deliver the most energy and resource efficient environments, these are monitored and backed up with industry leading SLAs for temperature and humidity.


AtlasEdge understands that security is a fundamental requirement and has built a robust security platform.

Edge co-location

AtlasEdge has the largest footprint of edge colocation deployments in Europe, with over 100 available locations within the UK which is our launch market. AtlasEdge is able to provide true edge colocation combining low latency access to enterprise and consumers as well as direct access to the largest ISP and NSP providers. AtlasEdge is currently deploying further countries including Poland, Switzerland and Ireland, and we are finalizing our standard services in all Edge data centre sites.


AtlasEdge provides a wide range of direct connectivity options to enable connectivity within our datacentres. All cabling is installed and managed by AtlasEdge and its engineering team to ensure speed of installation and guaranteed quality and management

  • Cross Connects for connecting within an AtlasEdge datacentre to access any other customer, partner or service provider.
  • Precabling to the Meet Me Area will be accounted for in your first colocation order.
  • Multiple media types supported including fibre and UTP.

Cloud access

AtlasEdge follows a fabric neutral model enabling the deployment of multiple cloud access providers ensuring that our customers are provided with a selection of industry leading services. AtlasEdge has currently partnered with selected providers who enable direct and private access to all of the major cloud providers. These partners have deployed their infrastructure within select AtlasEdge facilities enabling secure and resilient access to their platforms.

IXP access

AtlasEdge understands that access to world leading Internet Exchanges to support both public and private peering is a fundamental requirement for many of our customers. AtlasEdge has partnered with selected IXP to deploy their infrastructure directly within our facilities. In addition AtlasEdge works with industry leading partners who are able to deliver remote access and peering to IXP not currently within our facilities.

Remote hands

AtlasEdge provides a comprehensive remote hands service to support you when you do not have staff located in proximity to one of our datacentres. Our staff are highly trained in providing remote support and examples of standard services are:

  • Power cycling of customer equipment.
  • Installation of customer rack cabling.
  • Assistance with remote troubleshooting.
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